Your second home
at Lipno

Luxury suites in the new resort at Lipno!

The MOLO Lipno Resort  - new living in a luxury standard. Find your second home on the shore of Lipno, in a place that will offer you exceptional architecture and standards, as well as five-star services in every aspect. More than 90 exclusive appartments with breathtaking views of the lake or the proffesionaly maintained garden were built here and their quality is comparable with the highest world standards.


After two years of intense work we have successfully finished the residential part of the MOLO Lipno Resort.

Mountaineer living on the shore of the Lipno lake is inspired by apartments and hotels in the Alps. The total of 87 apartments with the highest standard are available for moving in as of 06/2022. 

In the moment we are finishing up some gardening work and are getting ready for the opening of the restaurants on the pier and promenade.

Did our project spike your interest - there are also beautiful two story apartments available.


We are currently moving towards the approval of all appartments. The roads and utilities, including public lighting, have already been approved. The construction of the pier and the restaurant is already completed and now we are furnishing the restaurant’s interior.

We have expanded the number of appartments by 24, bringing the total of offered appartments up to 90. You can choose from studio appartments with an area of 53 m2 to 5 bedroom ones with an area of 172 m2.

Declaration of the owner - MOLO Lipno Residence

We would like to inform you that the MOLO Lipno Residence project successfully registered "the declaration of the owner" in the Regional Cadastre Office for the South Bohemian Region, Český Krumlov. The documentation can be downloaded HERE.


MOLO Lipno Resort

MOLO (the pier), the heart of the resort, interconecting the lake, the shore, and the unique atmosphere. Walk on a 120 meter long wooden pier, enjoy a romatic sunrise or sunset stroll, make unforgettable memories at the MOLO club restaurant or go for an evening swim in the heated lake pool.


Exceptional architecture

The exceptional architecture and quality of the MOLO Lipno Resort is guaranteed by the world renowned Chapman-Taylor atelier based in London. The project was designed by a team of architects led by John Hale and Jan Pokorný that gave rise to exceptional living among beautiful nature.


Enjoy the sunsets

Relaxation and laying around at sunset on the shore of the lake or on the terrace with a glass of wine. A view of the water level reflecting the rays of the setting sun, the sky turning red, and the sailboats disappearing on the horizon. This is what MOLO Lipno Resort stands for.


Beautiful Šumava

Lake Lipno, sometimes also called the „South Bohemian See“, is surrounded by the Šumava (Black Forest) National Park with deep woods full of century-old trees. Their scent, meadows, enshrouded valleys, peat bogs, and glacier lakes all make up a gorgeous, admirable place – the Šumava.


Your second home

The MOLO Lipno Resort combines style, luxury, romance, passion, and comfort. Make every weekend feel like a holiday, get pampered by your second home. Draw energy from the nature, while enjoying the comfort of a five-star resort with all its services.


Feel the wind blowing

Not far from the MOLO Lipno Resort there is the Lipno Marina, where you can store your sailboat or boat. Whenever you feel like it you can go for a sail or ride around the lake. The marina provides stalls with front or rear anchorages to the piers. Ships of a standard length of up to 10 meters, width of up to 2.5 meters and draught of maximum 2.4 meters can all anchor here.


Details do matter

Pampering yourself, your family, and your friends is an amazing feeling. The MOLO Lipno Resort is an oasis providing the perfect services to do so. Services include facility management, concierge services, a private beach club for residents with beach chairs, a bar and a beach volleyball court, rental of sporting equipmnet or everyday features, spacious storage cubicles, cellars, bicycle recharging stations, and last but not least the security of the resort.  Welcome to the MOLO Lipno Resort!


Amazing evenings ... even in winter

Enjoy ice skating on the lake and at the MOLO Lipno Resort ice rink or an unforgettable evening by the fire with a glass of champagne.


Five-star Hotel

MOLO Lipno Resort will also present a 5-star hotel with concierge services, fine dining restaurant, premium wellness center, bar and beach club. Welcome to the MOLO Lipno Resort!


In the middle of treetops

Walking among treetops is definitely an unusual experience in every season. The unique wooden trail, 372 meters long and going slightly up, will lead you to a 40-meter-high wooden tower with breathtaking views of the Black Forest and Lipno. The evenings on the tower are an extraordinary experience. Well-known musicians perform directly on the Treetops Trail. Float freely on the waves of jazz, swing, blues or classical music.


Active & attractive sporting

Spring, summer, autumn, winter, every season will bring you new experiences and challenges: cycling, hiking, yachting, diving, fishing, walking in the woods and around the lake, horse riding, adrenaline sports, skiing, cross-country skiing and skating. You can enjoy your leisure time perfectly and to the full.