List of the areas

1 Hall 14,5 m2
2 Children's room 16,3 m2
3 Bathroom + Wc 6,8 m2
4 Bedroom 18,6 m2
5 Living room + kitchen corner 32,0 m2
6 Pantry 2,9 m2
Floor area of the living space 95,7 m2
  Cellar 7,4 m2
Floor area of the apartment 103,1 m2
7 Balcony 8,8 m2
Usable area of the apartment 111,9 m2
  parking (1)

Note: The areas of the individual rooms are for orientation purposes only. The displayed furniture, kitchen unit and appliances are not a part of the apartment. The displayed formatting of the floor surface is only a graphic symbol.